George Hamlin

George Hamlin - born Sept. 20th, 1869, Elgin/Illinois, died Jan. 20th, 1923, New York. Pupil of George Henschel. Debut as a concert tenor in 1896, in opera as late as 1911.
George Hamlin sings La Bohème: Che gelida
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I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording and notes.

Aida-?, Concert, 1903
Samson et Dalila-?, Concert
Natona-Chicago, Auditorium, 15 December 1911
Das Heimchen am Herd (composer Goldmark)-Philadelphia, 13 November 1912
I Gioielli della Madonna-Chicago, Auditorium, 11 January 1913
Carmen-Chicago, Auditorium, 6 December 1913
Madama Butterfly-Chicago, Auditorium, 11 December 1913
I Dispettosi Amanti (composer Parelli)-Chicago, Auditorium, 25 December 1915
A Lover’s Knot (composer Buchalter)-Chicago, Auditorium, 15 January 1916
Tosca-Chicago, Auditorium, 15 January 1916
Madeleine (composer Herbert)-Chicago, Auditorium, 18 November 1916
Le Médecin malgré lui-New York, Lyceum, 10 May 1917
Der Schauspieldirektor-New York, Lyceaum, May 1917
Reference: The Record Collector, Volume 45, No.4, December 2000
Reference: Hamlin, George : Anna M. Hamlin-"Father was a Tenor" Hacksville, New York, 1978

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