Tommy Lo Monaco

192 - January 21, 2012

Picture of Tommy Lo Monaco with Peter Strummer
with Peter Strummer
Tommy Lomonaco was taught by Douglas Stanley. Lomonaco had a contract to sing in Germany as a first tenor. Very quickly he was relegated to sing comprimario. He returned to States and sang principal tenor roles with companies such as the Ruffino Opera Company, a company paid for by a business man to allow his wife sing opera. James Hanrahan went to hear a Tosca, and reported that the tenor (T. Lo Monaco) has a large wobble during the whole performance. Shortly there after, Lo Monaco decided it was time to teach singing. Lomonaco taught Shirley, Hadley, both lost their voices. Lomonaco also taught a certain Jeremy Silver, who cannot sing on Pitch and becomes very violent when you dare to criticize the Stanley Method. Silver also is currenlty a voice teacher in California. This fellow has appeared on the Internet as Baritanist, Monsterbaritone, Mr. Cafiero, Gravelli Rubino, operasinger etc. Lomonaco also taught Benjamin Sloman, an ex lawyer who after starting as a baritone thinks he is now a tenor. Both Silver and Sloman have terrible voices and technique, but they do not hesitate to give advice on Grandi Tenori on how to sing.

Here is more on Silver and Sloman. After Sloman left Tommy Lomonaco, he bad mouthed him on Grandi tenori after previously defending him as the greatest teacher on the same site. Sloman contacted Historical Tenors, under an assumed name pretending to be a voice teacher whose students had been threatened by some Lomonaco's students. Sloman wanted Historical Tenors to put on this site distorted recordings of Lomonaco. Of course this was rejected.

Tommy Lo Monaco sings Im wunderschön Monat Mai
In RA Format

Tommy Lo Monaco sings Marechiare
In RA Format

Tommy Lo Monaco sings Otello: Dio mi potevi
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Tommy Lo Monaco sings Otello: Nium mi tema
In RA Format
I wish to thank James Hanrahan for the recordings and Peter Strummer for the picture.

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