Roger Gardes

March 4, 1922 - September 30, 2004

Picture of Roger Gardes
Picture of Roger Gardes
I want to thank Georges Cardol for the picture (left).
I want to thank Claude Ribou for the picture (rightand dates.
Gardes won the "Concours de Cannes" in 1954 as a "ténor léger"; the other laureates were Tony Poncet, Gustave Botiaux, Guy Chauvet and Alain Vanzo.

He made his debut at the Opéra on December 12, 1954 in LES INDES GALANTES (Damon). In 1960, he sang L'ENFANT ET LES SORTILEGES (la Théière). His Opéra-Comique has not been documented.

Roger Gardes sings Lakmé: Fantaisie, ô divin mensonge

Roger Gardes sings Mireille: Anges du Paradis

Roger Gardes sings La Bohème: Que cette main est froide
In RA Format

Roger Gardes sings La Bohème: O soave fanciulla, with Hélène Garetti in French
In RA Format
I would like to thank Georges Voisin for the recordings (La Bohème).

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