Valentin Jaume

25 February 1877 Arles - 13 May 1930 Arles

Picture of Valentin Jaume
Studies at the Marseille's Conservatory then with Maestro Viala. In 1905, he makes his debut at the Capitole of Toulouse in La Juive (According to Kutsch & Riemens).

1906 Debut at the Paris Opéra on July 14th as Arnold with Demougeot, Nuibo, Noté, Chambon, Gresse. It seems that it was his only appearance at the Opéra, in spite of Gailhard saying in the press that Jaume was a new member of the troupe.

1908/9 Sang at the Monnaie in Bruxelles as guest (Arnold), then is member of the troupe in Nice.
Guest in Lyon.
1910/2 Member of the troupe in Nice; part of the cast of the première of Vercingétorix, opera by Fourdrain.
1912/3 Member of the troupe in Nice: Sigurd, Guillaume Tell, L'Africaine, Les Huguenots, Le Bal Masqué, Le Trouvère, La Juive, Hérodiade.
1913/4 Guest appearances in Rouen (Théâtre des Arts), Anvers (Théâtre Royal), Lyon (Grand-Théâtre) , etc
Easter 1924 Season in Perpigan (Théâtre Municipal).
1924-1925 Member of the troupe of the Théâtre Municipal in Tunis.

Jaume's Arnold
Valentin Jaume singsLes Huguenots: Tu l'as dit, with Maria Labia
In RA Format

Valentin Jaume singsLe Prophète: Pour Berta
In RA Format

Valentin Jaume singsGuillaume Tell: O Matilde
In RA Format

Valentin Jaume singsLe Trouvère: Supplice infâme
In RA Format
Pathé cylinders, Paris 1903?
0316 Guillaume Tell (Rossini): Asile héréditaire 0316

Odeon, Paris 1906/1907
XP3080   Mandiant d'amour (Goublier)     60110
         J'ai rêvé (Godard)              60111
XP3082   O sole mio (di Capua)           60112
XP3082-2 O sole mio (di Capua)           60112
XP3083   Juive (Halévy): Dieu m'éclaire  60142
         L'oeuvre divine (Ringsdorf)     60113

Odeon, Paris 1907 
XP3127 Juive (Halévy): Rachel, quand du Seigneur 60159
XP3128 Africaine (Meyerbeer): Grand air, pt 1    60160
XP3129 Africaine (Meyerbeer): Grand air, pt 2    60161
       Le credo du paysan                        97101
       La voix des chênes                        97111
       Martha: Air des larmes                     ?
Edison 2-min cylinders, Paris 1907/1908
Guillaume Tell (Rossini): Ah! Mathilde               17964
Lohengrin (Wagner): Récit du Graal                   17976
Prophète (Meyerbeer): Pour Bertha                    18048
Guillaume Tell (Rossini): Barcarolle                 18057
Damnation de Faust (Berlioz): Invocation à la Nature 18075

Lyrophon/Apollon, Paris 1907/1908?
F2081 Guillaume Tell (Rossini): Asile héréditaire 2081, Parlophon 156
F2082 Juive (Halévy): Rachel, quand du Seigneur 2082, Parlophon   156

Pathé, Paris 1908?
4800 Sigurd (Reyer): Esprits gardiens                           4800
4801 Africaine (Meyerbeer): Air de Vasco de Gama                4801
4802 Guillaume Tell (Rossini): O Mathilde                       4802
4803 Trovatore (Verdi): Supplice infâme                         4803
4804 Huguenots (Meyerbeer): Plus blanche que la blanche hermine 4804

Parlophone Red
2079   Faust: Cavatine                               157
2080   Les Huguenots: Plus blanche                   157
2081   Guillaume Tell: Asile héréditaire             156

Edison, discs
Les Huguenots: Tu l'as dit                           3161 (Unpublished)
L'Africaine: Pays merveilleux                        3189 (Unpublished)
I wish to thank Tom Silverbörg for the recording (Prophète).

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