Charles Morati

June, 30 1875 Alger - 1956 Buffalo?

Picture of Charles Morati
A French record dealer, who was not interested in Operatic History, thought that he died during the first world war as Morati disappeared from view in Frannce.

He could not have been more wrong. Morati stayed in the US. He seemed to have settled in Buffalo, New York. On 14 January 14, 1914, he declared his intention to become a US citizen. On July 14, 1917 he Petitionned to become a US citizen. He finally became one on July 17, 1917.

At this time he seemed to have given more concerts.

In The Papers of Will Rogers: From Vaudeville to Broadway, he is described as a member of a Basque Grand Opera Quartet.
In 1914, he was taking part in a concert in Buffalo (Buffalo Ny Courier 1914).
In 1918, he is seen as taking part into vaudeville (THE TELEGRAM, APRIL 7, 1918).
Same thing in Oregon (The Sunday Oregonian September 01, 1918).
Same thing in San Antonio (San Antonio Evening News, Saturday, January 11, 1919, Page 9). (... variety entertainment Lovers of music will visit the their mecca during the coming as Charles Morati the French tenor will let forth bis golden notes during the course ... ).

In 1942, we find him working in a plane factory to fight the Germans (The Courier-Mail Saturday 13 June 1942).

Alger Opéra, 1904
Paris, Opéra-Comique
Cavalleria Rusticana on October 7, 1904 with Cazaux, Mme Duchène (Lucia), Mme Vallandri (Lola)
Also sang in La Traviata

Bruxelles, Monnaie
Season 1906/7
Les Amaryllis on February 8, 1907 with Mme Korsoff, Mme Bourgeois, Sylvain Dupuis (Total 8)
The Bartered Bride on February 27, 1907 with Belhomme, Dua, Danlée, François, Caisso, Delaye, Mme Korsoff, Mme Eyréams, Mme Bourgeois, Mme Paulin, François Rasse (Total 6)
Season 1907/8
Fortunio on January 4, 1908 with Declery, Bourbon, Dua, La Taste, Caisso, Dorgeles, Delaye, Mme Grenville, Mme Symiane, Mme de Bolle, S. Dupuis (Total 6)
Season 1908/9
Katharina on February 27, 1909 with Lestelly, Petit, Artus, Galinier, Hiernaux, Nandès, La Taste, Delaye, Delrue, Colin, Mme croiza, Mme Bourgeois, Mme Lucey, Sylvain Dupuis (Total 17)
Lakmé on ? with Mme de Tréville, de Clery;
Werlher on ? with Mme Sylva, Mme Eyréams, de Clery, Belhomme

Spa, 1908

Nice, 1910
La Glu on January 26 with Claire Friché, Geneviève Vix (Total 8)

New Orleans
Prior to the start of the season "L'Abeille" reported on some of the artists engaged. Morati, born 3 July 1880 in Paris, had studied at the Conservatoire under Edmond Duvernay and with Melchissédec. He had sung in Bordeaux - "Damnation du Faust", at the Monnaie, and in Nice for one season where he sang Pinkerton. His debut came at a matinee performance of "Manon" 27 Nov 1910 in the role of des Grieux. "L'Abeille" (29 Nov 1910) - "impossible to find a more charming des Grieux..." "L'Abeille" generally liked him, the English language papers less so. Apparently he had some health problems while here as well - perhaps our damp winter climate ??

29 Nov - Faust
6 Dec - Don José
10 Dec - Alfredo
15 Dec - Nicias
24 Dec - Nicias
29 Dec - Nicias
1 Jan - Don José (matinée)
10 Jan - Jean (in "Hérodiade"
21 Jan - Faust
22 Jan - Jean (matinée)
28 Jan - Nicias
31 Jan - Gérald ("Lakmé")
16 Feb - Rodolfo ("Bohème)
12 Feb - Rodolfo (matinée)
19 Feb - Faust (matinée)
20 Feb - Alfredo
2 Mar - Gérald
3 Mar - Don José
4 Mar - Nicias

The season ended on 5 March 1911. "L'Abeille" reported that the troupe had departed the morning of 7 March 1911 for Mobile, Alabama where they would open a brief season with "La Bohème". No word on whether Morati might have sung Rodolfo in that performance or what else they staged in Mobile. From Mobile they were to visit other cities - mentioned were Louisville, KY; St. Louis, MO, Washington, DC; and the tour would end in Canada in May after which the entire troupe would depart from New York and return to France. So presumably Morati went along on this tour of over two months.
Not only did Morati did change his date of birth from 1875 to 1880, but also confused everybody by using the first name André. He also claimed to have sung Faust in "Damnation du Faust" 32 consecutive times !! He originally had been mentioned as coming to New Orleans with the French Opera troupe in the 1903/04 season. "L'Abeille" 11 August 1903, when listing the artists who had been signed, included Morati and identified him as a Laureate of the Conservatoire "this year". He didn't come, and there was no further mention of him by the time the season began later that year.
I wish to thank Jack Belsom for the New Orleans information.
Variety,September 1918
PANTAGBS (Burton Myer, mgr.; agent, direct).— 10, Average bill. "Enroute;" oloaed well; Jimmy, GUdea, feature. Charles Morati, pleased. Jessie" and Dollie Milter, scored nicely. Lucy Gillette, opened, went big. Parish and Peru, versatility appreciated ; hit Creamer, Barton and Sparling, scored with songs, talk detracting.
References: Jules Salès: Théâtre Royal de La Monnaie;, Le Petit Ni&ccedeil;ois, Le Guide Musical, Europe Artiste, Albert Soubies: Almanach des Spectacles; S. Wolf: Opéra-Comique.
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Charles Morati singsLe trouvère: Le Miserere
In RA Format

Columbia cylinders, Paris 1902/1903
25778 Aida (Verdi): Céleste Aida                                                25778
25779 Africaine (Meyerbeer): O pays merveilleux                                 25779
25805 Faust (Gounod): Salut demeure                                             25805
25810 Favorite (Donizetti): Ange si pur                                         25810
25831 Huguenots (Meyerbeer): Plus blanche que la blanche hermine                25831
25843 Juive (Halévy): Rachel, quand du Seigneur                                 25843
25868 Rigoletto (Verdi): Comme la plume au vent                                 25868
25888 Tannhäuser (Wagner): Romance à l'étoile                                   25888
25893 Trovatore (Verdi): Misérère                                               25893
25915 Carmen (Bizet): Air de la fleur                                           25915
25936 Dragons de Villars (Maillart): Ne parle pas, Rose                         25936
26026 Si j'étais roi (Adam): J'ignore son nom                                   26026

Emerson, USA 1917?
2475-1 Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Vesti la giubba                                 7167 (7”)
2531   L'Africaine: O Paradis                                                   7182 (7”)
2579=2 Adorable toruments                                                       7217 (7”)			 
2484-2 Pour un baiser                                                           7218 (7”) 
2485=3 Obstination                                                              7229 (7”)					 
2620-1 Martha (Flotow): M'appari tutt'amor                                      7247 (7”)
2659-2 Manon (Massenet): Ah fuyez, douce image                                  7247 (7”)
2727=3 Deliverance                                                              7271 (7”)

XP 2778   Roméo et Juliette: Grand air                                          36824
XP 2779   Sigurd:Grand Air                                                      36825
I want to thank Carlo Ciabrini for the picture

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