Maxim Karolik


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Maxim Karolik singsOtello: Esultate
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Karolik was a prominent patron of the arts in Boston, and a major benefactor of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Karolik recorded one LP on a private label. The LP number is F-MKO-1 and contains arias from Otello (Esultate, Ora per sempre, Dio mi potevi, Nium mi tema), Andrea Chenier (Un di all'azzurro, Si fu soldato, Come un bel di), L'Africana (O paradiso), Il Trovatore (Di quella pira), Pique Dame (4 arias or scenes) and La Forza del Destino (La vita é). He paid to make the record. He also recorded a 3 LP album of Russian Art Songs on the Unicorn lable (UNS 2). Karolik has a strange, husky, throaty voice. He resorts to shouting or speaking when he cannot sing the lines. He has some power, but that's about it. I should pass a story passed along from a site visitor. This man's brother recalls Karolik playing his own recording featuring a dramatic scene from Otello (likely the "niun mi tema") and exclaiming with great satisfaction in his heavily Russian accented English: "For the voice - Caruso...perhaps. But for the interpretation - Karolik!"

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