Hans Heinz Bollmann

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Hans Heinz Bollmann singsCavalleria rusticana: Mutter, der Wein
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Hans Heinz Bollmann singsMignon: Leb wohl, Mignon
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Hans Heinz Bollmann singsLes pêcheurs de perles: Au fond du temple saint, with Manfred Lewandowski in German
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Hans Heinz Bollmann - born Dec. 1st, 1889 and died July 9th, 1974, both in Hamburg. Studied voice in his home town and then in Milan with Enrico Rosario. Made his debut in 1914 at the Stadttheater Altona in Zar und Zimmermann, but his career was immediately interrupted by military service. Only in 1919, he could resume his singing activities in Nürnberg, and from 1921 for five years at the Hamburg Staatsoper, in 1924 at the same time also at the Berlin Staatsoper. In that period, he specialized more and more in operetta, enjoying a great success in 1927 in Berlin in a production of Michael Krausz' operetta "Eine Frau von Format", with Fritzi Massary. 1928 to 1932, he was active at the Theater an der Wien and the Johann Strauß Theater (both in Vienna), and after that in Berlin and Hamburg. He was a particular favourite of Franz Lehár. From 1930 on, he had also a considerable film career (until 1951). His daughter Hannelore Bollmann was a well-known movie actress. His voice was certainly not first-rate, but he was quite skillful in using it.
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the notes and recordings.

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