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Picture of Max Hirzel as Lohengrin
Max Hirzel was born on October 18th., 1888 in Zürich. He was practically connected all his life to Dresden, where he studied singing with Dora Erl. He had to leave Dresden in 1937 because of the political climate. In 1926, Hirzel sang in the world premiere at Dresden of Hindemith's Cardillac. During 1925-29, Hirzel recorded in Dresden for Grammophon and Parlophon. During 1935-36, Hirzel sang in Vienna. Hirzel appeared with success at Covent Garden, where he sang Tamino and Lohengrin. In Switzerland, he sang at the beginning (1917-22?) and at the end of his career in Zürich. He taught singing in Zürich after retiring. Hirzel died in Zürich on May 12th., 1957.
Max Hirzel singsLes contes d'Hoffmann: Wie in meiner Seele
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I would like to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recording, picture (second from top) and biographical notes.
I wish to thank Daniele Godor for the picture (lohengrin).
Picture of Max Hirzel's rare record label

Picture of Max Hirzel's rare record label

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