Caspar (Kaspar) Koch

1889, Köln - December 5, 1952, Köln
Koch studied voice in Köln. He started his career at the Opernhaus in Köln. He was there during 1917-1926.

This was followed by an engagement in Düsseldorf (1927-1928). In 1927, he sang Froh at the Bayreuth festival.

During 1927-1928, Koch sang at the Kroll Oper, where he sang a small role in Fidelio during the opening performance at the theater. In 1928, he sang at the Kroll in the German premiere of Oedipus Rex.

His repertory included Tannhäuser, Parsifal, Max, Canio and Turiddu.

It was prophesized that Koch would have a career in the Heroic department, however he stopped singing in 1928 and started teaching singing.

He recorded for Vox.
Reference: Kutsch and Riemens.

Caspar Koch sings Die Walküre: Ein Schwert verhieß mir der Vater
In RA Format
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the record.

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