Leopold Müller

Müller was born in 1844 in Neuleiningen. He began his career in Würzburg in 1869 as lyric tenor. After 10 years of moving around continuously, he moved to Salzburg in 1879 both as Heldentenor and Director of the theater. There Müller sang José Manrico, Max, Lohengrin, and Erik. This seems to have satisfied the public as he was Salzburg first Tannhäuser (12 March 1880). He remained director until 1886. His main interest was operetta. In 1866, he opened a theater agency in Vienna, was one of the manager of the Deutscher Volkstheater in 1888, and in 1897 was member of the Carl Theater, where he became co-director in 1900. After he appointed his son as the secretary of the theater, Müller was active again as a guest and worked also in his own theater. On October 29th 1908, he announced the following to the press:
Opening of the new Johann Strauss Theater in Vienna under the direction of Leopold Müller. The festive opening will take place in front of the local government and social circles. Etc
On May 12th, 1912 Müller died in Fürth. His son Erich Müller took over the theater until the beginning of the war. In 1915 no trace was found of either the theater or Erich Müller
Reference: Einhard Luther, So viel der Helden, Biographie eines stimmfaches Teil 3, Wagnertenöre der Kaiserzeit, (1871-1918)

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