Adolf Löltgen

Picture of Adolf Löltgen

Adolf Löltgen, 1881-1968, was a huge-voiced German heldentenor who made but two commercial sides on Vox (German folksongs, to make things worse). Thus, almost his entire recording output are private recordings made at home after his career was over - the original discs are of course unique, and still in family possession, but the whole lot has been published on CD (TT-2437) by Christian Zwarg. I take this opportunity to advertise, once more, Zwarg's incomparable CD label. Zwarg is a class apart as far as remastering historical material, his reissues have no equal, or to put it more precisely, no other sound engineer has so far achieved even faintly similar results on CD. Really big recommendation. Also Löltgen's photo is from said CD issue.
Adolf Löltgen sings Der Freund
In RA Format
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording, picture and notes.

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