Heinz Matthei

Heinz Matthei sings Schwarzer Peter: Medley , with Hanns-Heinz Nissen and Lore Hoffmann
In RA Format

Heinz Matthei - again, this is the only record I've ever seen by him, and I cannot tell anything about him. The opera "Schwarzer Peter", however, is VERY interesting - this is a children's opera by Norbert Schultze, the composer of "Lili Marleen"! The Nazis pushed this opera to some popularity, not because of the plot of the opera, obviously (it's a fairy tale), but because of Schultze's then excellent relationship with the regime - he fell from grace later, thanks to "Lili Marleen", which was considered by Goebbels to demoralize German martiality.
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recording and notes.

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