Rudolf Ritter


Picture of Rudolf Ritter as Primus Thaller in Kienzl's Der Kuhreigen
Rudolf Ritter as Primus Thaller in Kienzl's Der Kuhreigen. Ritter created the role in the 1911 World Premiere at the Vienna Volksoper. He has identified the role beneath his autograph and dated the photograph 1912.

Picture of Rudolf Ritter as Siegfried

Picture of Rudolf Ritter

Rudolf Ritter was born 19.1.1878 in Brünn He served in the Hungarian army in 1898-1908. He studied singing at the Viennese conservatory and made his debut i n Viennea in 1910 at the Volksoper where sang up to 1913. There, he took part at the premiere of the opera " Der Kuhreigen " by Kienzl. In 1913, he sings in Stuttgart. During 1923-24 and 1929-1931 with the German opera Company, Ritter sang in Northern America where in 1924 he participated in the local premiere of "Der Evangelimann". Ritter retired in 1933, then he taught singin in Stuttgart where he died on 3.6.1966. He recorded for Vox, Odeon, and Polydor.

Rudolf Ritter sings Die Walküre: Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond
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Rudolf Ritter sings Tannhäuser: Rom Erzählung
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I wish to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recording (Tannhäuser) and two pictures.

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