Michael Theodore

(Greek name: Michalis Theodorou)

Picture of Michael Theodore

Michael Theodore sings Faust: Salut demeure chaste et pure
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Michael Theodore sings Tigrane: All'acquisto di gloria
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Michael Theodore sings Piscatore 'e pusilleco
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Michael Theodore sings Oagojiatis
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Biographical Notes

Michael Theodore: born Michalis Theodoros on July 17th, 1939, in Thessaloniki. Not very much is known about him. He enjoyed considerable popularity as a TV, radio and record singer in Germany in the 1970s. He doesn't seem to have had much of an opera career, though he was a member of the Stuttgart opera, where he made his debut in 1967. According to the cover text of one of his LPs, he had worked as an usher at a Thessaloniki cinema, and since he loved singing (and sang in a church choir), he loudly sang the songs from the Mario Lanza film they were currently showing; the Greek tenor Konstantin Liontas happened to come by and discovered his voice. Anyway, he studied voice in Vienna. A fellow student and friend of his from those old days is at present active on some internet boards says he heard a rumour that Theodore is dead, but didn't succeed to verify. Apparently, information read stated Theodore sang more in concert than on the opera stage, and that his concert tours led him as far as North America.
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings and notes.

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