Emilio Aimo

Mondový 1884 - ?
Aimo studied with Maestro Vanzo.

He made his debut in 1913 at the Ponchielli in Cremona as Folco.

The war interrupted his career. He resumed his career in 1922, only for a short time.

01 Cremona Teatro Ponchielli ISABEAU (Folco)
02 Pisa Teatro Verdi ISABEAU (Folco)
03 Sal˛ Teatro Sociale ISABEAU (Folco)
06 Torino Giardini Reali CONCERTO
12 Rivarolo Sala Comunale CONCERTO
11 Tortona Teatro Sociale OTELLO (Otello)
01 Prato Teatro Metastasio OTELLO (Otello)

Selected performances
1922, during November Tortona - Teatro Civico with Pampanini Rosetta, Ghirardini Emilio
1923, during January (Sharing with Righi Briani Italo) Prato - Teatro Metastasio with Da Forno Fanny, Zagaroli Alfredo
Source for the chronology the extraordinary Website of Roberto Marcocci.

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