Angelo Bartoli

Angelo Bartoli, father of Cecilia Bartoli, had a short career as a dramatic tenor. Still he made it to the Concertgebouw Amsterdam in 1962, where he sang the tenor part in Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle. He was very good, as Cecila memorized in YouTube video about her career. It seems that his nerves were not up to pursuing a solo career, and that he got into a severe depression, at least thatís what his daughter hinted to when interviewed in a documentary film. Angelo Bartoli, too, appeared in that film, saying that he didnít remember anything of his career, and that his career had been as short as four or five years. Here at least his memory deceives him since the only two recordings of his voice that Iíve been able to hear were from 1961 and 1971, respectively. His upper register seemed that it also could have been a problem for his short career.

Bartoli also appeared in following operas in Holland:
Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg, Simon Boccanegra on February 3, 1961 with Aurelio Oppicelli, Antoinette Tiemessen/Gerry de Groot, Ugo Trama, Jess Walters/Paolo Gorin, Cornelis Schell/Peter van der Bilt, Antal Dorati
Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg, Simon Boccanegra on February 22, 1963 with Aurelio Oppicelli, Mizzi van der Lanz, Pieter van den Berg/Guus Hoekman, Paolo Gorin/ Cornelis Schell/Peter van der Bilt, Simon van Trirum, Wim Koopman, Sophia van Sante, Arrigo Guarnieri

Angelo Bartoli singsPetite Messe Solennelle: Domine Deus
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