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According to the references listed below, Giuseppe Bartolotta was touring rural America with the Circuit Chautauqua during the 1910-11 season. This item says clearly that before coming to the US (the flyer is US-American), he sang in the UK, where also Sterling Records was at home. The cylinders were made in 1906. On that La donna Ŕ mobile cylinder, it's the same tenor singing (Funiculý funiculÓ), but it's a different announcer (British, this time). Also the British announcer clearly says "Bartolotta". On Funiculý funiculÓ, the announcer is Italian, and it's definitely the singer himself. Judging from his (strong) dialect, he actually is Neapolitan, like what the announcements tell. I think it's improbable, too, that Bartolotta and Bartolotti were the same person (using one name for concerts in the UK and US, and the other for Traviata in Pisa). Bartolotta came to the US no later than 1910 and was in the UK already in 1906; and was touring "most of the principal cities throughout Europe" for two years before arriving in the UK, which is to say that he had left Italy long before 1910. And he was always announced as a concert singer, not opera.
Giuseppe Bartolotta sings Rigoletto: La donna Ŕ mobile
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Giuseppe Bartolotta sings Funiculý funiculÓ
In RA Format
STERLING CYLINDER 531 RIGOLETTO: La donna Ŕ mobile 532 TOSCA: Aria 603 CARMEN: Il fior 604 PAGLIACCI: Vesti la giubba 605 DENZA: Funiculý funiculÓ 606 GOUNOD: Serenata
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Source for Rigoletto recording.
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Source for the discography the extraordinary Website of Roberto Marcocci.

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