Gianfranco Cecchele

Picture of Gianfranco Cecchele as Canio
Picture of the Last performance of Gianfranco Cecchele in Pagliacci - Canio on 13th of Februar 2006 Zagreb - Croazia. He was 68.

Picture of Gianfranco Cecchele

Gianfranco Cecchele singsNorma: Meco all' altar di Venere ... Me protegge
The rest of the evening turned unfortunately into a fiasco Elena Suliotis sings Mira o Norma
Picture of Elena Suliotis
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Elena Suliotis sings some pretty awful notes in her scene. The booing (quite massive - much worse than for girlie man Alagna) starts around 7:10. Suliotis left the stage and did not want to come back. According to eye witnesses, Callas and Créspin were in the audience. While Créspin (a soprano with shaky high notes herself) shook her fist and screamed "lâche, lâche", Callas (a soprano used to get booed) went backstage to console Suliotis. The chaos starts at 8:20 when she does not want to come back. The entire waiting-for-Suliotis to come back is not uploaded as it lasted about 20 minutes or so. This reminds me of Scotto getting booed after her aria in Ballo in Maschera. She waited for the tenor to come on the scene for the duo, and then left him not to return at all.
Gianfranco Cecchele singsAida: Celeste Aida
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Gianfranco Cecchele singsErnani: Mercé, diletti amici
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Gianfranco Cecchele singsOtello: Esultate
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Gianfranco Cecchele singsAroldo: Sotto il sol
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Gianfranco Cecchele singsAttila: Ella in poter del barbaro
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Gianfranco Cecchele singsLa Forza del Destino: La vita è inferno
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I wish to thank Daniele Godor for the recordings (Norma).
I wish to thank Alessandro Pagliazzi for the picture (Canio).
I wish to thank Thomas Silverbörg for the recordings (Forza, Otello, Ernani, Attila, Aida, Aroldo).
Reference: Cecchele, Gianfranco : R. Schiavo – "L’emozione d’una voce veneta" Montecchio Maggiore (Italia), 2000

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