Enrico di Mazzei

1894 Sofia - Gand 1958

Picture of Enrico di Mazzei
Picture of Enrico di Mazzei
Enricus Damasus Tacchella Di Mazzei was born in 1901.

He studied singing in Milan with the famous teacher Fumagalli and later at the Conservatory at Genéve. In this city, he made his debut in 1925.

He made his successful debut at l’Opéra Comique in Paris on July 20, 1926 as Cavaradossi. At the Opéra Comique, he will sing Werther, Pinkerton Rodolfo.

He sang in several other theaters at Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, Liège and Monte Carlo, with increasing success while adding to his repertory, "Madama Butterfly", "La Bohème", "Rigoletto" and "Werther". The critics augured him a brilliant international career.

Unfortunately, in 1928, during a tour in Bulgaria there was an earthquake and he was said to be among the victims. However another source states he died in the 1950s, while another one states he died young from Syphillis.

As I have a signed picture by the singer dated 1930, he did not die in Bulgaria. When did he die? According to the Malibran CD, it was 1958. A reference confirmed it in 1958 in Gand.

Enrico di Mazzei recorded several records for Pathé and French Odéon. Among the latest were the two duets of "Rigoletto" and "Bohème" with Lily Pons.
Reference: Kutsch & Riemens
Enrico di Mazzei sings Les pêcheurs de perles: Je crois entendre encore

Enrico di Mazzei sings La Bohème: Que cette main est froide

Enrico di Mazzei sings La fanciulla del West: Ch'ella mi creda

Enrico di Mazzei sings Cavalleria rusticana: O Lola, blanche fleur

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Paillasse: M'habiller                                                           ODEON 171 021
Aïda: O celeste Aîda                                                            ODEON 171 021
TOSCA (Puccini) : " Le ciel luisait d'étoiles "                                 ODEON 188 500
TOSCA (Puccini) : " O douces mains "                                            ODEON 188 500
TOSCA (Puccini) : " O de beautés égales "                                       ODEON 188 501
CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (Mascagni) Sicilienne " O Lola..."                         ODEON 188 501
LA BOHEME (Puccini) : " Que cette main est froide "                             ODEON 123 508
RIGOLETTO (Verdi) : " La donna è mobile "                                       ODEON 188 512
LES PECHEURS DE PERLES (Bizet): " Je crois entendre encore "                    ODEON 188 512
IRIS (MASCAGNI) " Apri la tua finestra "                                        ODEON 188 562
LA FANCIULLA DEL WEST (Puccini: "Ch'ella mi creda"                              ODEON 188 562
MAMMA MIA, CHE VO' SAPÉ                                                         ODEON 188 565
TORNA A SORRENTO                                                                ODEON 188 565
AVE MARIA (Bach-Gounod)                                                         ODEON 188 566
AGNUS DEI (Georges Bizet)                                                       ODEON 188 566
Pecché?(De Flaoüs)                                                              ODEON 188 624 
Lusinga'De Curtis)                                                              ODEON 188 624 
Werther Pourquoi me réveiller                                                   ODEON 188 643 
Rigoletto Questa o quella                                                       ODEON 188 643 
CARA PICCINA  (Gaetano Lama)                                                    ODEON 188 687
REGINELLA  (Gaetano Lama)                                                       ODEON 188 687
ANDREA CHENIER (GIiordano) Improvviso : " Un di, all azzurro "                  ODEON 188 688
Comme les roses(Chanté en Italien)(Lama)                                        ODEON 188 778
Sérénata(Toselli)                                                               ODEON 188 778
O SOLE MIO (Eduardo Di Capua)                                                   ODEON 188 779
LE CAMPANE DI SAN GIUSTO (Colombino Arona)                                      ODEON 188 779
AMARILLI (Giulio Caccini)                                                       ODEON 188 780
Si vous l'aviez compris(Denza)                                                  ODEON 188 781
O Marenariello Duo avec Mme G Rey(Gambardella)                                  ODEON 188 781
Manon le réve de Des Grieux                                                     ODEON 188 868 
Werther:Lorsque l'enfant revient d un voyage                                    ODEON 188 868 
Nina(Pergolese)                                                                 ODEON 188 871
Coldi sospiri(Arrangement Parisotti et Rontani)                                 ODEON 188 871
Madame Butterfly:Adieu séjou fleuri                                             ODEON 188 888 
Paillasse Sérénade d'Arlequin                                                   ODEON 188 888 
Manon Ah fuyez douce image                                                      ODEON 188 896 
Werther 'aurai sur ma poitrine                                                  ODEON 188 896 
Rigoletto Duo du 2eme acte(Avec Lily Pons(S) En Italien                         ODEON 123 597
a:/T'amo; b/Addio,addio
LA BOHEME (Puccini) duo 1er acte : " O douce jeune fille " (with  Lily Pons)    ODEON 123 598
RIGOLETTO (Verdi) Duo Gilda-Le Duc  (with Lily  Pons)                           ODEON 123 598
WERTHER (Massenet) Invocation à la nature                                       ODEON 123 618
WERTHER (Massenet) Désolation : " J'aurais sur ma poitrine "                    ODEON 123 618
Tosca duo du 1er acte avec Gabrielle Dorley                                     ODEON 123 638
a/ Quelle est cette blonde ,dis moi; b/Ma jalouse
Mon coeur est à toi (Silesu)                                                    ODEON 188 666 
T'amo(Silesu)                                                                   ODEON 188 666
TOSCA Excerpts with Vallin, Endréze and Payen                                   ODEON 123810 to 123816

MAMMA MIA CHE VO SAPE (Nutile)                                                  PATHE X 3369 
REGINELLA (Lama)                                                                PATHE X 3369
SANTA LUCIA LUNTANA (Violon : M. Langa / piano : Marguerite-Andrée Chastel)     PATHE X 3370
AY AY AY (Osmán Perez Freire) (Violon : M. Langa/ piano : M-A Chastel           PATHE X 3370
TORNA A SURRIENTO (De Curtis) (Violon : M. Langa/ piano : M-A Chastel           PATHE X 3371 
CARA PICCINA (Lama) (Violon : M. Langa/ piano : M-A Chastel                     PATHE X 3371 
MANON LESCAUT (Puccini) : " Donna non vidi mai " (Orchestre : Ruhlmann)         PATHE X 7152 
RIGOLETTO: La donna e mobile                                                    PATHE X 7152
TOSCA: E lucevanle stelle                                                       PATHE X 7154
TOSCA: O dolci mani                                                             PATHE X 7154
LA BOHEME: Racconto di Rodolfo                                                  PATHE X 7155
CARMEN: Romanza del fiore                                                       PATHE X 7155
CARMEN: La fleur que tu m'avais jeté                                            PATHE X 7157
LA TOSCA: O de beautés égales                                                   PATHE X 7157
LA TOSCA: Recondita armonia                                                     PATHE X 7158 
CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Sicilienne(in French)                                     PATHE X 7158 

Fonotecnica(under the name Enrico Tachella di Mazzei)
3056 I Puritani:A te o cara
3057 Carmen Il Fior
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