Arbatano Sabatini

Arbatano Sabatini sings Voce 'e notte
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Roberto Marcocci's comments about Arbatano Sabatini: He isn't present in my database. I suppose that he may be an amateur singer, like Simonetta (Gramophone) or Andrea Maggi (Gramophone/Zonophone). Theese singers never performed on operatic stages. I don't think that Sabatini was an alias of another singer or an unknown comprimario.

EDISON BELL        M 629       T 162                     TOSCA: Recondita armonia
EDISON BELL        F211                                  Voce 'e notte
FONOTIPIA          3714        168159 a / Pho 6073       RIGOLETTO: La donna  mobile
FONOTIPIA          3714        168159 b / Pho 6069       RIGOLETTO: Questa o quella
FONOTIPIA          3724        168190 a / Pho 6119       FANCIULLA DEL WEST: Ch'ella mi creda
FONOTIPIA          E 5096      120130 b / xxph 6617      OTELLO: S pel ciel  with Antonio Laffi
I wish to thank Roberto Marcocci for the discography.
I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the recording.

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