Antonino Siragusa

Antonino Siragusa sings Il barbiere di Siviglia: Se il mio nome
In RA Format

Antonino Siragusa sings La fille du régiment: Pour mon âme
In RA Format
Antonino Siragusa, born 1964 in Messina (Sicily), is aptly named "Antonino" (little Antonio). He is a small, thin man with a small, thin voice that is not beautiful either. Nonetheless, of the three times I heard him, I was and am still absolutely enthusiastic about his Almaviva (best male coloratura I've ever heard on stage, excellent top notes, and a true comedian to that) and duly impressed with the second Elvino ("Sonnambula") I heard, in appropriate belcanto style, the voice somewhat sharp, but again with great top notes. The first Elvino, however, that I heard of Siragusa, was pretty much like this totally miscarried "Fille du régiment" selection... For the recordings, as well, goes that his Almaviva is incomparably better, and also funny - listen how he's demonstrating the difference between a pop singer and an opera singer at the start of the second verse.
I wish to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings and notes.

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