Forgotten Opera Singers Blog

This site was opened in August by one Ashot Arakelyan. The purpose of the site is to publish short biographies of decesased and forgotten singers with pictures and list of records Arakelyan wants to sell. It also has per singer a snippet of a recording to wet the appetite of the readers.

Almost everything is copied from the site of Mr. Marcocci or Kutsch and Riemens but without mentionning the reference to show the origin, one has to assume, that Arakelyan is really the author. Pictures are also taken from other places without reference. This the model of research used by SAVT/Igor who is a friend of Arakelyan.

Arakelyan announced this website all over the place, including Opera-L. His posting on opera-L drew following answer from Bill Ecker:

A quick note on this blog. The fellow who runs this blog is using it to sell cd's of his record collection and makes no bones about it on the blog. Therefore, I believe his post goes against the rules and regulations of the list, as it is a commercial post. He had also had poached about 30-40% of the photographs on his site from my business web-site and other sites where we are often asked to provide photographs and they had been given fair credit. I wrote to him and asked him to give the photographs fair credit and if so told him he could continue using them. I also told him that if he needed photographs in the future, for fair credit, we would be happy to provide them. The e-mail I sent was explanatory and fair; instead I received a hostile e-mail and he angrily removed the photographs, which was his second option..... He apparently is located in Russia and based upon my experience, caveat emptor.
Actually his website is not located in Russia, in spite of Arakelyan sitting in the old Soviet Union, but in:
Domain: forgottenoperasingers.XXXXXXXXXXX
IP Address:
ISP: Google
Region: Mountain View (US)
Going back to the entries, let's look at some tenors to see the value of the information. When Arkelyan has no information about a singer he writes Any information, a copy of what Mr. Marcocci writes on his site. The reason that you should cite your sources is because of the errors included in the source, for example:
Perea is listed as having sung in the world premiere of Marcella???
Galli is listed as having sung 400 Otellos (A quick look at the Marcocci's chronology shows that it cannot be true). In top of that his career was not that long.
Garulli sang Araquil at La Scala???
All those information come from Kutsch & Riemens. Arakelyan shoud have quoted his sources.

The amusing things is the Carasa entry. First he wrongly baptized him de Carassa. Why? Arakelyn should know as he is called Carasa in the Levik's book. Arakelyan did not do enough research on Carasa and drew naturally wrong conclusions. Carasa's name appeared in Spanish and French Newspapers. Arakelyan does not have enough good contact to inform him.

I read some negative comments on his blog. The were quickly removed by Arakelyan instead of answering. Arrakelyn does not like any bad comments, his ego would not allow it.

In short do not trust all the information for any singer. The information will give you an idea of the career of the singer. Arakelyan has a link to the tenor Panos Markoullis, a comprimario. What is the relation to Forgotten Opera Singers? Not clear! Also not providing a complete recording of a singer is very cheap. The main goal of this blog is to sell!!!

Who is Arakelyan

A good question! Unfortunately, he turned out to be similar to SAVT/Igor, his friend.

Arakelyan contacted me for the first time around the beginning of 2009 and pretended to speak only Russian, telling me he was an antique dealer (a lie as it turned out). He sent me some recordings for my site. Then he disappeared.

Arakelyan contacted me about 6-8 months ago in bad English telling me he was Arakelyan but with another email. I thought he was a fake (like )SAVT/Igor) and declined to provide what he wanted. About 5-6 months ago, Arakelyan contacted Malibran Music to exchange CDs with them. He wrote this time in bad English. Since Malibran Music does not speak English, they asked me to communicate with him. So we exchange very heavily CDs and LPs I had against his stuff. He only has the recordings in mp3 format as he does not possess any originals in any form as he stated. Arakelyan said he was only interested in in old Russian and Italian/Spanish singers.

After a while, Arakelyan told me if I wanted to continue exchanging, I needed to send him a list with more LPs or Cds. Then shortly after, he told me he cannot exchange any more as he has nothing new. This was because, Arakelyan was putting up his Forgotten Opera Blog. By the way Arakelyan promised to send me several duos of Michailova with different tenors. He never did. Arakelyan announced his blog all over the place using the same text with different emails or pseudos, but never told me. Like SAVT/Igor, he registered on Historical tenors with a different emails.

Now the dear boy posted the following on Opera-SELL:

Hello Dear Collectors I sell rare recordings (CD) of italian tenor Giuseppe Oxilia (1861-1919). CD is cost 20$+10$ shipping. You can read his biography and see also track list.
José Nicolás Oxilia was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) on 3 June 1861 from Italian parents. In 1881, he went to Italy to study singing with Felice Pozzo. In 1884, he is engaged as "tenore comprimario" for the opera company of Marino Mancinelli. He made his debut on 21 november 1884 as Laerzio in "Hamlet" by Thomas, at Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona with Giuseppe Kaschmann and Victor Maurel alternating in the main role. On December 11, he sang Arturo in "Lucia di Lammermoor" with Sembrich and Gayarre and then the role of Rambaldo in "Roberto Il Diavolo" by Meyerbeer. When Gayarre fell ill, Oxilia sang Fernando in "La Favorita" at the Liceo, in January 1885. Back in Italy, he made his debut at Teatro La Fenice in Venice, again as Fernando and then as the Duke in "Rigoletto", in July and August 1886 . From October 1886 to March 1887, he sang at Teatro Real in Madrid, Enzo in "La Gioconda", Radames in "Aida", Fausto in "Mefistofele", and Rodolfo in "Luisa Miller". Back in Italy, he sang in Padova "Gli Ugonotti" and "Don Carlo", "Mefistofele " in Naples and "Fausto" in Turin. In August 1887, he sang for the first time the main part in "Otello" at the Teatro Grande in Brescia, with Adalgisa Gabbi and Paul Lherie conducted by Franco Faccio. With the same cast, he sang Otello at the Teatro Regio in Parma. In 1888, he took part in the premiere of "Asrael" by Franchetti and "Otello" with Victor Maurel. He made his debut at La Scala in december 1888 with "Asrael" (17 performances) and in February next year, "Otello" (13 performances) again with Maurel. In 1889, he sang "Lohengrin" at the Carlo Felice in Genoa and in May 1890 returned to Montevideo, making his debut at the Teatro Solís with "La Favorita". Later he sang there "Mefistofele", "Lucrezia Borgia" and "Otello". The same year, in August, he sang in Montevideo but at the Teatro Nuevo Politeama : "Lucia di Lammermoor", "La Favorita" , "Lucrezia Borgia", "La Gioconda", "La Traviata", "Gli Ugonotti", "Fausto" and "Carmen". In November, he sang "Otello" in the first performance ever at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata. Back in Italy, in January and February 1891, Oxilia sang five performances of "Cavalleria Rusticana" at La Fenice in Venice. His voice, not yet 30 years old, in 1891 showed deterioration and that year he could not sing in Italy. In Rio de Janeiro his "Otello" was a total failure. He started singing opera and zarzuela in minor theaters in Argentina and Uruguay. He returned to Italy, singing "Lucrezia Borgia" at the Teatro Coccia in Novara, in 1897, "Mefistofele" at the Teatro Piccini in Bari, in 1898 ; and "Lucia", "Traviata" and "La Forza del Destino" at the Teatro Carcamo in Milan, in 1903. But his days of glory were over. He retired around 1904 in total poverty. He opened a School of Singing in Milan. Among his pupils were the tenors Italo Cristalli and Walter Kirchoff. He married in 1910 and had five children. In 1916, suffering from diabetes and because of a wound in the finger of a hand, not properly cared for, degenerating in gangrene, he lost his left arm. Bitterness and poverty during the years of the First World War forced the tenor to sell his most precious belongings, gold medals and crowns that he had received durings his days of glory. Early in July 1918, Oxilia and his family left Milan for ever. Thirty days later, they arrived to Montevideo. This is the worst period in the life of the tenor. He intended to commit suicide throwing himself into a well, but he was miracously saved. Some time later, and because of his diabetes, he suffered now the amputation of his left leg and his life was now unbearable. In the most terrible misery and almost totally forgotten, Giuseppe Oxilia died in Montevideo on 18 May 1919, few days before his 58 birthday.
Track list
L'africana: O paradiso G&T 52361 1633b
Otello: Niun mi tema G&T 52330 1628b
La Traviata: De miei bollenti spiriti G&T 52360 1634b
La Traviata: Parigi, o cara Berliner 52275 4397
La Traviata: Libiamo G&T 52274 4396
Lucia di Lammermoor: Fra poco a me ricovero G&T 52321 404b
Andrea Chenier: Un di all'azzurro spazio G&T 52335 1635b
Otello: Ora e per sempre addio Fono Oxilia 13
Luisa Miller: Quando le sere al placido G&T 52356 1771b
Aida: Morir si pura e bella G&T 52317 403b
Pagliacci: Vesti la giubba G&T 52331 1629b
Rigoletto: Questa o quella G&T 52333 1631b
Mefistofele: Dai campi, dai prati G&T 52357 1774b
Mefistofele: Giunto sul passo estremo G&T 52445 2833b
La Favorita: Una vergine un angiol di dio G&T 52334 1632b
Rigoletto: La donna e mobile G&T 52332 1630bv Regards
That was incredible I gave him the recordings free of chagre and now Arakelyan wants a total of $30.00 for them and he also used the biography written by Juan Dzazópulos from my copyrighted site Historical Tenors without giving credit him.
Now Samuel Goldenstein, a registered user to Historical Tenors, saw that. let me know and send the following email to Arakelyan:
From: Samuel Goldenstein
To: Ashot
Sent: Monday, September 5, 2011 5:14 AM
the text comes from a copyrighted site. I have notified the owner. Also I saw you as another person on Russian Records. Nice going dude.
Now he received the following charming answer from Arakelyan:
FROM:Ashot Arakelyan
TO: Samuel Goldenstein
Message flagged
Monday, 5 September 2011 12:45 AM
Message Body
Yes fucking jew Samuel Goldenstein the dude is your fucken Mother, you don't like when I post something you sucker jew. Yes it's I post in other sites and groups and also in russian records mather fucker. Suck my dick.
After that Arakelyan asked me to me
show details Sep 5
Hello Francois, how are you?
Dear Francois please tell me what says about me to you this fucken juwe Samuel Goldensteinv Regards
This was charming and it was followed by similar emails. Arakelyan even wrote to Samuel Goldenstein telling him I called hGoldenstein and idiot.

Arakelyan, before that incident , asked me out of the blue where I was living and what was my citizenship. This looked like an SAVT/Igor's queston. Because SAVT/Igor threatened me and wanted to visit me, because of what I wrote about him. So I lied to Arakelyan. In the past SAVT/Igor also threatened Daniel Forst, the owner of Grandi-Tenori, because he was not putting fast enought his badly researched information onn Soviet Tenors.

Arakelyan was using different names like Stefan and John Bernhardt, which caused him to be banned from another site.

Both Arakelyand and his friend SAVT/Igor are not good at cheating. They need to improve their skills.

A funny thing the ISP where SAVT/Igor put his site is a potentially malicious site, Malwarebytes. This site actually, if you visit it, tries to attack your computer. WOT gives it a poor rating and advises not to visit.

Unfortunately there are many people like Arakelyan and SAVT/Igor in the opera world. I am sure that Arakelyan never told his friend SAVT/Igor that he produced the sound for