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Guearti's recording and career Hoax the hoax, created by Roger Yaeche.; the Ballad of Evil Igor and the Soviet Tenors, another ex-Grandi Tenori Internet Nut; Forgotten Opera Singers Blog, by a new Opera Internet Nut Ashot Arakelyan, a friend of Igor/SAVT; a blog on Arakelyan.
Beware of the so-called rare CDs sold by Ashot Arakelyan. He has only sound files, no original records, that he received for free by exchanging with other people. Arakelyan is now selling mp3s of Cylinder/78s recordings issued on Cds by Symposium, TimaClub, Bongiovanni, Truesound Transfers, Malibran Music, Preiser, and Marston. He was banned from several forums for his activities and insulting people who complained about him.
You can thank him for the new registration procedure.
Unfortunately those types of persons seem to have emerged from the Old Soviet Union, producing on the internet not only Arakelyan but also Dina Azrikan, SAVT/Igor, ...
But beware: Arakelyan is not the only one selling what he gets for free, Philip Hatzissimou, from Greece, is doing the same thing. His tactic: use a very important list of somebody else, pretend it is his and when an exchange is agreed upon he asks the owner for the items. Another person to watch in that environment is Dimitris Sgouros.

Older Updates;
Back Cartoons. For the moment, work is done on Duc and Cardinali's career. This requires long research, similarly for Lafont, Poultier, Alexis-Dupont and Wartel. Exceptionally updated Carasa's biography; who is Lawrence O'Neil. Soon Campora's repertory and Milhau's discography.

Soon: biographical notes of Duc, Cardinali, Lafont, Poultier, Alexis-Dupont, and Wartel.

Updated Jesus Ledesma's website with new sound files uploaded on a regular basis;
"Asile héréditaire - The life and career of John O'Sullivan" by Historical Tenors.
This is the first detailed biography on the Irish heroic tenor John O'Sullivan, the Arnoldo of the Century and the favourite tenor of Mr. James Joyce. Presented on a CD-ROM, the work also contains the first chronology ever written on O'Sullivan, rich picture material, including hitherto unpublished material by James Joyce, 44 remastered recordings in high-quality mp3-format (320 kb/s) and unpublished phonographic rarities (APGA-discs).
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