The ballad of Evil Igor and the Soviet Tenors

The Grandi-Tenori website has slowly, over the years, evolved from a potentially interesting website to become a useless website. We have pseudo experts commenting on how to sing. One of those expert is an ex lawyer who thinks he is a tenor, after trying unsuccessfully to be a baritone. Another of those experts even demonstrates with a throaty sound how Caruso sang and he believes it. Adolf Anthonisen the ex Leader even showed his great research effort! when he talked about the tenors who sang most Arnold, even talking about the tenor Lefranc. Naturally he does not cite his references. Some of those experts "borrow" recordings without acknowledgment like Adolf Anthonisen, Mallinson, Sloman, Kapo and Antal. But the most outlandish thieving and lying efforts were made by a certain SAVT.

Historical Tenors (HT) was contacted by a certain on Sunday Nov 8, 2009 at 1:38 with a subject matter: About your Great Tenors site. This person, who signed Igor, was asking for two email addresses, because of his interest in Soviet Tenors, one being the one from Dina Azrikan, the daughter of the tenor Arnold Azrikan, and the other one being from Vladimir Efimenko, a contributor to HT. After being given the information, after checking with Dina Azrikan and Vladimir Efimenko, things went quiet. Suddenly, HT read that the Grandi-Tenori website was going to publish a section on Soviet Tenors. At the same time, HT noticed the following emails and, registered under the same IP, going thoroughly through the site checking all the Eastern/Middleeastern/Russian/Soviet tenors on HT. Since HT tries to avoid people registering on HT with different addresses from the same IP, those two emails were blocked.

Suddenly on April 22, asked HT: What happened to the Russian Tenor section on your site? HT answered nothing happened since the Eastern European section was still there. There was nothing from dubonafor after that. The first sign that this man was a liar is that he was not registered to HT with the email address. How can he visit HT if he was not registered. At the same time, on the website Grandi-Tenori the new leader Daniel Forst, nicknamed Speedy Gonzales, was trying to change at a snail pace the website, and informed the readers that a person named SAVT, actually it was dubonafor as HT found out later, was working on the Soviet tenors section and had given to Leader Dan about 80 biographies to input on the Grandi-Tenori website. SAVT was getting mad because the insertion of his work was very slow, snail pace. Actually there was a list of several names, some with pictures and text (mostly very short biographical notes), and some with nothing at all attached to a name. SAVT got mad he wanted Leader Dan to speed up. This resulted in a fight and SAVT asked Leader Dan to get all his information out of the Grandi-Tenori website now or it would be theft. SAVT even threatened Leader Dan to meet him personally, both live in Israel, man to man to resolve the problem physically.

Shortly dubonafor/SAVT came back to HT after HT outed him as dubonafor. SAVT also acknowledged to be underwaterhate and evilsavta. SAVT said he could provide later the information to HT and send HT the following email: I appreciate your site and your efforts very much. I actually didn't know of your pretty problematic history with GT, I'm new on the site. Anyhow, I was asked by Dan to make a soviet tenor page and have in mind something short and to the point, just to get people familiar with the soviet heritage: about 70 tenors - basic biography and then maybe 1-2 recordings per singer. If you are afraid I am going to steal materials from your site - don't. The difference between our sections will be that I will not include pre-soviet tenors, late soviet tenors, post-soviet tenors, non-soviet east European tenors, red-army ensemble soloists, and those who are to my taste more marginal singers.

SAVT's goal, as it turned out, was to change completely the Eastern European section of HT and basically take over. HT told SAVT that he would be given a section to put his material and that's was it. When he got mad, HT told him to go back to the Grandi-Tenori Website, a perfect fit for nut case. Apparently SAVT and Leader Dan made up but there was still no additional upload. Suddenly Leader Dan decided to take the Grandi-Tenori website off this air and only keep the Forum opened. SAVT then decided, after writing that he was not gifted with technical things, to put up a Soviet Tenors page on the internet. We will now examine the different statements/actions of SAVT.

SAVT registered on the Grandi-Tenori website on Friday 09 October 2009 while he contacted HT as dubonafor on November 8, 2009 for information while he was registered on HT under his two emails on August 13, 2008 and not before. SAVT had plenty of time to get information from HT, not forbidden, and then convince Leader Dan to put up a Soviet Tenors page on Grandi-Tenori as his work without References or his name.

The activity of dubonafor was very extensive on August 13, 2009. With similar site registration traces as the six examples below, SAVT was very active gathering information:	-	[13/Aug/2009:21:40:42	-0700]	GET /eastern/khromchenko.html HTTP/1.1	200	-	-	[13/Aug/2009:21:40:43	-0700]	GET // HTTP/1.1	200	-	-	[13/Aug/2009:21:40:43	-0700]	GET // HTTP/1.1	200	-	-	[13/Aug/2009:21:41:32	-0700]	GET /eastern/isachenko.html HTTP/1.1	401	-	-	[13/Aug/2009:21:42:00	-0700]	GET /sound/khromchenkoalekosongoftheyounggypsy.rm HTTP/1.1	200	-	[13/Aug/2009:21:42:26	-0700]	GET /eastern/aaleksandrovich.html HTTP/1.1	200
Further registration traces showed that on August 13, SAVT looked at:
Fokin, Ivanovky, Ivanov, Belinnik, Grishko, Yudin, Kuznetsov, Pishchaev, Nechaev, Pechkovsky, Timchenko, Kiporenko-Damansky, Moldoveanu, Bandrowski, Alekseev, Chekin, M. Kusevitsky., Petrov, Matveev, Rostovsky, Korobeichenko, Maslenikov, Nikitin, Larin, Laut, Zolotarev, Dovenmane, Glantz, Chuprynnikov, Kurshumov, Iosifov, Klementiev, Gafni, Isachenko.
This is a a lot of work for somebody who never used HT to get information.

The next day, the ballad of SAVT/Igor continued:	-	[14/Aug/2009:00:01:11	-0700]	GET /eastern/oreshkevich.html HTTP/1.1	200	-	[14/Aug/2009:00:01:45	-0700]	GET /eastern/sadovnikov.html HTTP/1.1	200	-	[14/Aug/2009:00:01:46	-0700]	GET /eastern/sadovnikovFRM1.html HTTP/1.1	200
Further registrations showed that on August 14, SAVT looked at:
Raikov, Petrauskas, Rosenblatt, Tverdoklebov, Zarin, Mironov, Gavrilkin, Frinberg, Geft, Rosing, Strelzov, Adamkyavichius, Alchevsky, Aleksandrovich, Andreev, Antonenko, Azrikan, Babiy, Badalyan, Bandukow, Beljaev, Berlik, Batorin, Berov, Bogachov, Davidov, Golik, Hershman, Ivanov Karienzin, Kilchevsky, Kiss, Khromchenko, Korchak, Kravtzov, Kucharsky, Kulko, Lomonosov, Marusin, Maslennikov, Mazarov, Lantsov, Larin, Morskoi, Naydenov, Onofrei, Ochman, Pankov, Pluzhnikov, Rosanov, Polosov, Ptak, Sereda, Sevastyanov, Simberg, Sirota, Spiwak, Steblyanko, Tarkhov, Timchenko, Tokatyan, Tolstoukhov, Ulianov, Uzunov, Vesselovsky, Vinogradov, Vostryakov, Yuzhin, Cohen.

This continued almost every day. One example with	-	[22/Nov/2009:22:36:37	-0800]	GET /eastern/azrikan.html HTTP/1.1	200
This craziness continued up to August 9, 2010 for the moment. For example:	- 	[09/Aug/2010:08:04:38	-0700]	GET /middleeastern/abbasov.html HTTP/1.1	200	- 	[09/Aug/2010:08:04:54	-0700]	GET /middleeastern/abbasov.html HTTP/1.1	200	-	[09/Aug/2010:08:08:30	-0700]	GET /middleeastern/dandghuladze.html HTTP/1.1	200	-	[09/Aug/2010:08:09:01	-0700]	GET /middleeastern/talyan.html HTTP/1.1	200	-	[09/Aug/2010:08:09:41	-0700]	GET /middleeastern/aidinian.html HTTP/1.1	200	-	[09/Aug/2010:08:11:04	-0700]	GET /eastern/belinnik.html HTTP/1.1	200	-	[09/Aug/2010:08:11:42	-0700]	GET /eastern/lkuznetsov.html HTTP/1.1	200

Actually SAVT/Igor went back on August 29, 2010:    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:27:36    -0700]    GET /eastern/dovenmane.html HTTP/1.1    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:28:13    -0700]    GET /eastern/dovenmane.html HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:28:14    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:29:10    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:43:53    -0700]    GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:46:52    -0700]    GET /indexspanish.html HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:52:45    -0700]    GET /eastern/matveev.html HTTP/1.1    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:04    -0700]    GET /eastern/orfenov.html HTTP/1.1    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:05    -0700]    GET /eastern/orfenovFRM1.html HTTP/1.1    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:06    -0700]    GET /eastern/orfenovFRM2.html HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:07    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:07    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:08    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:09    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:11    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:11    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:11    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:13    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:14    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:14    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1    -    -    [29/Aug/2010:15:55:15    -0700]    GET // HTTP/1.1

After HT told SAVT to return to the Grandi-Tenori Website, SAVT told HT that HT cannot do anything without him the great SAVT. When it was pointed out to SAVT that what he was doing, besides copying from HT, was translating information from Russian websites, simplifying it most of the time and not citing his source or his name, SAVT pompously announced that SAVT was the author of all those tenor biographies on the several Russian websites. Yes right, we have a Genius here!!

Now this information regarding SAVT pilfering of HT was posted on the Grandi-Tenori website by Vladimir Efimenko, an HT contributor, and Willi Staab, a German lawyer of HT for Europe, including a list of IPs proving that SAVT was lying. This was quickly erased from the Grandi-Tenori website with a ban of the authors, a new Kristallnacht indeed. SAVT continued acting like Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels: If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, like the population of the Grandi-Tenori website. Now the great incomparable SAVT made a big mistake, he wrote to Vladimir Efimenko an official posting on the Grandi-Tenori website in Russian to ask him to collaborate, ignore HT, and telling him that Dina Azrikan agreed with him SAVT the magnificent that HT was a dysfunctional site. This is sad that Dina Azrikan believed SAVT because this got her banned for life from HT. HT had doubts about Dina Azrikan because, after the banning of and before knowing yet the connection, she started looking at the site in the Eastern European section for things she normally does not look for, her main interest being always Arnold Azrikan. HT contacted her after SAVT it was out to that he was same as Her answers did not sound right and here was the proof delivered by SAVT. Thanks dude! One of the results will be that HT will change its Azrikan page to a better one by using information on the internet and referenced as it should be done.

Going back the Soviet tensors' site uploaded by SAVT on a Russian website under the name darksavta, SAVT had the gull to put at the top of his site:
A small request for Francois Nouvion - please do not add singers from my page to the relevant sections of your site that were not renewed for years without giving reference or expressing gratitude. Try to use your own limited capabilities to discover new singers instead of copying from others. We can safely say that SAVT is full of it without remorse or hesitation:
SAVT looked at all the names on HT without referencing them on his page! The new names come from Russian websites without any reference where SAVT found them. SAVT translated among others from following sites: p://, Vocal college directory,,, and so on. His statement your site that were not renewed for years is extraordinary since SAVT registered on HT on August 13, 2009. SAVT can look in the past. Incredible SAVT a clairvoyant of the past! It is funny but on HT Petrov's page that was already existing when SAVT registered on HT, there is a program of War and Peace at the Bolshoi in 1961 where HT heard Petrov, Vlasov, Maslennikov among others. How can HT not know them? The tenor Dedik is also on the darksavta site, but not on HT. So does HT not know him? There will a program from the bolshoi on a Dedik page when the page is created. Dedik is singing Don Carlo in Moscow, so he must be unknown to HT for sure! SAVT should study what he is doing before writing anything. SAVT does not list any reference or his name under any tenor short biography on his site. SAVT is Mr. Anonymous. Why? We can only say that SAVT lives in the dark evil world of the opera world by choosing names like evilsavta, darksavta, and underwaterhate, as we know of him at the moment. SAVT remains anonymous all over the internet and is in need of a psychiatrist. SAVT can lie like Goebbels but the IP traces of his activity do not lie.

What are the nut case activities on the Internet:

As underwaterhate, SAVT is proposing to teach dancing on a Hebrew website ( It is Lezginka dancing (originating among the Lezgian people of the Caucasus). Underwaterhate is telling the reader: I can teach you such basic level, if you want, it's not too complicated, if you are from the center. Underwaterhate also reviews movies such as Kalina Krasnaya..., 6 July 2008 (

As evilsavta, SAVT on the site, he helps people to set up email under the name anonymous:
March 13, 2009 2:42 PM
Anonymous said...
Hey, Neal
My email is

SAVT writes comments on the SovietMusic website
As darksavta, SAVT announced his site on;wap2, a Russian classical forum where he writes:
I invite to your page Soviet tenors. But it is in English, because it was created to educate the foreign audience.
What and education man!

SAVT also announces the same message on the website

Whenever you go, SAVT is anonymous. SAVT is a mix between Goebbels and the KGB: a liar, a pilferer and a true member of Grandi-Tenori, besides having a grand mother complex. SAVT keep to what you do best:

Teach dancing, Review movies