Meet the best tenors

People born with the same form of vocal fold tissue, called tenors, can be classified into three groups: falsettos, baritones, and basses. This article is about the tenors who are considered to be the best according to their ratings.

The database of tenors has been compiled by VoicesGrown.com which is a website that provides voice training and online voice over lessons for newbies. The website has a database containing the vocals of over 10,000 top professional voice actors from around the world who have been rated according to their skills in singing and acting.

Tenor is a word of Italian origin, meaning ‘tenor voice’. A tenor is a type of male singing voice that usually ranges from the G2 to the B above middle C.

The tenors are the best tenors in history. Their voices have been considered by many as “the very voice of music.”

The Tenors are an American vocal group that performs and records pop, jazz, barbershop quartet and classical crossover music, as well as holiday and inspirational songs. The group has won six Grammy Awards.

The tenor is a male singing voice that is classified according to the frequency range, vocal weight, vocal type, and vocal register that it typically inhabits.

The best tenors are best known for their high notes and amazing singing skills. Some of the world’s best tenors include Plácido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti.

Tenors have been around since ancient times. They can play the high, melodious notes of a voice and they are loved by many people around the world. They enthrall their audiences with their performances. The list of tenors below has been compiled from the database of The International Opera Database and is based on statistics about tenor’s career achievements and the frequency at which they were recorded on an opera recording.

A list of tenors compiled from the database

Giacomo Puccini: 17

Edvard Grieg: 15

Pietro Mascagni: 14

Giuseppe Verdi: 14

Gioacchino Rossini: 12

Richard Wagner: 12

Franco Alfano: 11


The best tenors have a voice that has power and beauty, a voice that defies age, nationality or any other limitations.

To identify the most beautiful voices, the database of tenors from around the world is used. Vocal timbre is measured with a mic and analyzed by software to measure frequencies of sound waves. All these parameters are then used to rank the tenor’s voice.

Tenors are one of the most popular singing voices, who use it for a number of purposes. This paper presents the top tenors from around the world, including vocal ranges and age.

Some experts say that tenors are able to sing in a particular range due to their throat’s size and shape. The most commonly used vocal range is from F3 to A5, while the best tenor is said to be able to sing in F3 or G3.