José Azócar

Picture of José Azócar
Azócar was born in Chile. He begins his studies at the conservatory de La Serena in 1982. In 1987, he enters the choir of the Municipal in Santiago. In 1988, he sings iFaust (Mefistófeles). During the international season in 1989, he sings Edgardo. During the same year, he sings Cavaradossi in Montevideo.

Shortly after, he sings in Pinkerton, Faust, Nadir, Rodolfo and Edgardo at the Greater Miami Opera House; Calaf, Macduff, Alfredo and edgardo in Kaiserslautern.

In 1994, together with Alfredo Krauss and Edita Gruberova, he sings Arturo in Lucia di Lammermoor at the Palau San Gordi de Barcelona. Later, he sings Rodolfo in Pretoria and at the Royal Albert Hall, Turiddu in Klagenfurt and Cavaradossi in Copenhagen.

He takes part in several concerts in Ireland and later sings Andrea Chenier in Montevideo. In 1997, he sings Don José in Kaiserslauten and Calaf in Montevideo and Porto Alegre. A year later, he sings in Berlin Pinkerton and shortly after Luigi and Don José, then he tours several cities inPollione and Radames in Lisbon. Later, he sings at the Teatro Argentino de la ciudad de La Plata Don José, then Pollione in Chile at the Municipal in Santiago.

Later, in 2000 he sings Calaf at the Teatro Argentino. Months later, he undertakes a concert tour through Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In 2001, he sings Gabrielle Adorno and Ernani and at the end of the year he sings Pinkerton in Santiago and Viña del Mar.

In 2002, he returns to sing concerts in Dublin, Corck and Limerick, later he sings Faustus (Mefistófeles) in Chile and Brazil.

In 2003, he sings at the Teatro Municipal de Temuco Calaf, Macduff and Canio in Santiago.

Between July and August 2004, he sings Luigi at the festival de state de la ciudad de Montepulcciano, later he sings Ismaele in Munich.

In 2005, he sings Don José in Regensburg, followed by Cavaradossi in Chile, later Andrea Chenier, Turiddu and Canio in Trapani.

He returns to Chile to sing Radames and the same role Prague. He finishes the year singing Don José in Santiago.

2006, he sings Manrico and several concerts in South America.

2007, he starts the year singing Manrico in Buenos Aires at the Teatro Avenida, then sings Opera Ismaele, Pinkerton in Santiago and returns to Buenos Aires to sing Luigi.

In the 2008, he sings at the Municipal in Santiago Rodolfo and Ricardo. Later that year, he sings Manrico at the Solis, and finishes the year singing Calaf.

In 2009, he sings in Cordoba Calaf, undertakes a concert tour and in September once again he sings in Santiago at the Municipal.

José Azócar sings Il Trovatore: Di quella pira
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José Azócar sings Turandot: Nessun dorma
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I wish to thank Helmut Krautschneider for the picture.

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