Isidoro Fagoaga

Picture of Isidoro Fagoaga

Isidoro Fagoaga sings Die Walküre: Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond
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Isidoro Fagoaga singsAndrea Chenier:Si fui soldato
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Isidoro Fagoaga singsRigoletto:La donna è mobile
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Isidoro Fagoaga singsParsifal: Amfortas, die Wunde
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Amaya (Guridi)- Bilbao, May 22, 1920
La Walkyria (Wagner)- Valencia, October 15, 1920
Parsifal (Wagner)- Valencia, 1920
Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saens)- Lisboa, December 30, 1920
Norma (Bellini)- Lisboa, February 5, 1921
Auto da Berco (Coelho)- Lisboa, April 9, 1921
Anna Karenina Robbiani)- Roma, Costanzi, 6 May 1924
L'Oro del Reno (Wagner)- Bologna, October 21, 1924
L'Amore dei Tre Re (Montemezzi)- Buenos Aires, July 15, 1925
Taboré (Schiuma)- Buenos Aires, August 6, 1925
Fedra (Pizzetti)- Buenos Aires, August 30, 1925
Il Crepusculo dei Dei (Wagner)- Milano, January 18, 1926
Tristan und Isolde- Ravenna, Alighieri, sang only the dress rehearsal during the 6-24 May 1926 season, became indisposed just before the premiere and was replaced by A. Bassi
Sigfrido (Wagner)- Milano, January 28, 1927
Kovanchina (Mussorgski)- Buenos Aires, June 6, 1930
Lo Straniero (Pizzetti)- Buenos Aires, July 4, 1930
Boris Godunov (Mussorgski)- Buenos Aires, July 11, 1930
Il vascello fantasma- Milno, Scala, 1 April 1931
Tristan und Isolde- Genova, February 21, 1932
Tannhäuser- Genova, February 21, 1933

Columbia Phonograph, Italy, 1929
B2498 Andrea Chenier: Si fui soldato                  D12311(England   A18013(South America)
B2490 Die Walküre: Canto di primavera                 D12311           A18013
BX513 Tannhäuser: Racconto                            D14729(England)                       CGQ10269(Italy)
BX504 Die Walküre: Un brando il padre promise         D14729                                CQX10269
BX520 Götterdämmerung: Racconto (part 1)              D14728(England)                       CQX10268(Italy)
BX521 Götterdämmerung: Racconto (part 2)              D14728                                CQX10268
      with Giuseppe Nessi and Salvatore Baccaloni
BX512 Parsifal: Amfortas                              D14730(England)                       CQX10270(Italy)
BX506 Otello: Nium mi tema                            D14730                                CQX10270
I would like to thank Daniele Godor for the picture.
I would like to thank Thomas Silverboerg for the recording (Parsifal).
I wish to thank Richard J Venezia for the recording (Andrea Chenier).
I wish to thank Christian Torrent for the recording (Rigoletto).
I wish to thank Tom Kaufman for putting at my disposal his unpublished chronology of Fagoaga.
I wish to thank Roberto Marcocci for his additions to the repertory.

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