Juan Diego Florez

Juan Diego Florez sings Guillaume Tell: Asile héréditaire ... Amis, amis, secondez ma vengeance
buffone!!! This is what we get as Arnold today. In the past, he would have chosen to sing Ruodi or Rodolphe. In top of that, he has a microphone mandated by the lack of acoustic in this open air venue.
Juan Diego Florez sings Rigoletto: La donna è mobile
No Verdian tenor. The Zürich's audience has lost its niveau.
And now he is going to sing Arnold in Peru as Topolino microfonato????.

Gioachino Rossini: Guillermo Tell
(Guillaume Tell) ("William Tell")
01, 4, 7 Mar 2013 
Conductor         Alessandro Vitiello
Producer          Massimo Gasparòn
Matilde           Jessica Pratt
Jemmy             NN
Edwige            Daniela Barcellona
Guillermo Tell    Karoly Szemeredy
Arnoldo           Juan Diego Flórez
Gessler           Sergey Artamonov
Walter            Carlo Cigni
Un Pescador       Ivan Magri
Melchtal          Humberto Zavalaga
Rodolfo           Juan Pablo Marcos
Leuthold          Xavier Fernandez
Chasseur          Carlos Martinez
Juan Diego Florez sings Rigoletto: Insults his microphone
Florez is not patient with his microphone at the beginnning of Rigoletto.
Juan Diego Florez sings Il Barbiere di Siviglia: All' idea di quel metallo, with Keenlyside
In RA Format
I would like to thank Thomas Silverbörg for the recording (Barbiere).

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