Alfonso Juan De La Morena

October 10, 1931 Madrid - January 14, 2011 Austin, TX

Picture of Alfonso La Morena as Don Carlos with Suzanne Sarocca
Don Carlo with Suzanne Sarocca
His death certificate states that he was born in 1931, not 1938 indicated in the quoted references below.

La Morena studied singing for two years with Angeles Ottein. However he changed to medicine that he studied at the University of Madrid. He graduated as psychiastrist.

During that time, he further studied singing with Maestro Carlos Jiménez Díaz.

In 1957, he made his debut on the Radio program José Nieto, while during 1959-60 he made musical movies with the director Agustin Navarro (15 bajo la lona (1959 with Carlos Larrañaga, Ángel Aranda, Luz Márquez, Alfredo Mayo, Antonio Ozores, Manuel Peiró, Jesús Colomer, Pedro Beltrán, Mauricio Lapeña) , El cerro de los locos (where he is a tenor, (1960) with with Antonio Ozores, Mercedes Alonso, Pepe Rubio, María Luisa Merlo, José Luis López Vázquez, Teresa del Río, Mauricio Lapeña, Ricardo Tundidor)).

He made an international career on stage, concert hall, radio and movies.

In 1962, he made his debut at the San Carlo as Don Carlo. He sang the same role in Genève (1962 with Consuela Rubio, Gabriel Bacqier, Raffaele Arie, Suzanne Sarocca), and Paris (1963 with Suzanne Sarocca, Nicola Zaccaria, Huc-Santana, Geneviève Serres, Louis Quilico).

He sang in Tosca with Renata Tebaldi (Parma, Regio) and Nabucco (Teatro Colón La Coruña with Manuel Ausensi, Claudia Parada, Mario Parenti).

In 1965, he sang Radames in Philadelphia and in 1966 he sang Adorno at the San Carlos in Lisbon.

In Lisbon, he suddenly lost his voice and gave up his career.

He went back to Medecine first in a clinic in Madrid, then in Chicago and finally in Brownsville, Texas.

He recorded only one official LP for Montilla.
Reference: Kutsch & Riemens
Joaquin Martin de Sagarminaga: Diccionario de cantanes Líricos españoles, 1997

Alfonso La Morena sings Nabucco: Fenena! O mi diletta!, with Annamaria Rota, and Danica Mastilovic

Alfonso La Morena sings Cavalleria rusticana: Tu qui Santuzza, with Elena Suliotis

Alfonso La Morena sings Aida: Celeste Aida
In RA Format

Alfonso La Morena sings Aida: Sacerdote
In RA Format

Alfonso La Morena sings Don Carlos: Duo , with Suzanne Sarocca
In RA Format

Alfonso La Morena sings Don Carlos: Duo Act 1, with Gabriel Bacquier
In RA Format
I would like to thank Georges Voisin for the recordings of Don Carlo.

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