Luis Mariano

Picture of Luis Mariano
While Mariano didn't continue his operatic career after his extremely successful 1943 "Don Pasquale" with Vina Bovy (Paris, Palais de Chaillot) and a few performances of Bohème, Tosca, and Butterfly in smaller French theatres, he obviously still made occasional appearances in opera when he was already the biggest operetta star of his generation. He is said to have sung in Tosca in Belgium, but it's dubious where: maybe in Charleroi, where he was a regular guest in operetta, or in Ghent, where his former Pasquale partner, Vina Bovy, was the opera manager after ending her career, and where he, due to that old relationship, is said to have sung regularly, as well. I'm almost sure that in Charleroi, he also performed in Cavalleria - if anyone happens to have any preciser informations, I'd be very thankful if s/he told me!! His Le ciel luisait d'étoiles wasn't originally published, probably because of the sound quality - early stereo experiments... The Granada live recording is from an extraordinarily rare concert. And finally, serious post-1945 music: Mariano sings Bernstein, with a precision in rhythm and pitch like nobody else. There is an interesting website on Luis Mariano's biography .
Luis Mariano sings La tabernera del puerto: No puede ser
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Luis Mariano sings Don Pasquale: Com'è gentil_in French
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Luis Mariano sings La Tosca: Le ciel luisait d'étoiles
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Luis Mariano sings Westside Story: Si tu vas en América
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Luis Mariano sings Granada
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I would like to thank Robert Schlesinger for the recordings(Don Pasquale, Granada, Tosca, Westside Story) and notes.
I would like to thank Andres Acuña Guzman for the recording (la tabernera del puerto).
I wish to thank Christian Torrent for the photograph.

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