Antonio Paoli

Picture of Antonio Paoli

Picture of Antonio Paoli

Antonio Paoli sings Aida: Nume, custode e vindice, with Andrés de Segurola
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Antonio Paoli sings Il Trovatore: Di quella pira
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Antonio Paoli sings L'Africana: O Paradiso
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I wish to thank Thomas Silverbörg for the picture (Top).
I would like to thank Thomas Silverboerg for the recordings (Africana, Aida)
I wish to thank Imogen Norcroft for the recording (Trovatore).
There is a new book published on Antonio Paoli:
Jesús M. López: Antonio Paoli, el León de Ponce; a numbered edition published by the author.
It is a large hard cover format containing 921 pages. It reproduces 425 photos and documents. The paper quality is not too good, so the photos do not come out too well. The text contains many reviews. It has a discography. The book had the potential to be a great book. BUT both the textual parts listing his appearances and the chronology are a disaster, besides many typos, which could have been overlooked if the chronology itself was not full of errors. Thus it lists Paoli as having sung in places where it can be demonstrated that he did not sing (London, 1900) and his alleged co-interpreters could not have sung with him or where the theatres mentioned did not exist at the time of the performance. Cast information is sometimes pure fantasy, certain cointerpreters being hundreds of miles away at the time they were supposed to be with Paoli. Frequencies of performances are even stranger. According to the book, Paoli is the only singer having sung 43 times in a month in the same city (Graz, June 1904). The information I put in Paoli's Arnold listing on my webpage comes from the book. It must taken with a grain of salt, especially as one of the theatre mentioned did not exist at the time of his appearance (see listing). What a wasted opportunity. I may post Paoli's repertoire but be warned if I do it. I am reluctant to post Paoli's repertory based on this book because of the many questionable entries. Under no circumstances should this book be used to research other singers.

Finally today, a researcher living in Graz checked out, at the local opera house, the number of performances of Paoli in Graz in 1904. Mr. Lopez listed a total of 43 performances for one month. After being asked about it, Mr. Lopez in an Argentinean Musical Journal claimed that it was a typo, and that the total number was actually 28 performances. Two things are wrong with both numbers. First of all the number of 43 was arrived at by adding the total number of performances, claimed by Mr. Lopez, that Paoli sang in Graz. So it could not be a typo in the first place. The number 28 was also improbable, since in places like Graz, the same theatre alternated opera and theatrical performances. The actual number of performance sung by Paoli is 5. What can we conclude about Mr. Lopez's research abilities? Mr. Lopez claimed he spent 20 years researching Paoli appearances in all the places where Paoli sang. Apparently, he missed Graz, like he missed Paris, London, Bourgogne (I never found that city on a map of France), Parma etc... What a disservice to Paoli. The great tenor deserved better.

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