Pepe Romeu

(Lorca, Murcia 1900 - Alicante 1985)

Picture of Pepe Romeu

Pepe Romeu sings El último romántico: Noche de amor
In RA Format

Pepe Romeu sings Manon: Chiudo gli occhi
In RA Format

Pepe Romeu sang in works such as Los Flamencos and El último romántico (in whose premieres he sang). He acted also in plays at a very early stage of his career. After a vocal crisis, he dedicated himself exclusively to the theater. This explains why he is associated with plays such as those by Jacinto Benavente, of which he played El Estigma in 1951 and opened the writer's last play Por Salvar su amor in 1954, along with Maria Guerrero's niece. Romeu also recorded many discs. He made musical films in the early days of the talkies and late in his life he was a member of the jury in the vocal competition "Maria Ros de Lauri-Volpi".
I wish to thank Tom Silverboerg for the recording (El último romántico).
I would like to thank Vladimir Efimenko for the recording (Manon), picture and notes.

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