Juan Rosich

Juan Rosich was a beautiful Des Grieux in Massenet's Manon during the 1922-23 season at the Real, by the side of the magnificent Geneviève Vix. He performed at the premieres of some Catalan works such as R.Martinez Valls' La Legio d'Honor, in 1930 and also took part in events of a marked political and propaganda signification, such as the revival at the Liceu of the first act of La Dolores, in January 1940, in a show commemorating the entry of Franco's troops in Barcelona. His recordings shows evidence of good taste and his high notes were sonorous even though not very high.

Juan Rosich sings Por una mujer: Quisiera que su reja fuera un santuario
In RA Format
I would like to thank Vladimir Efiemenko for the recording.

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